Elastatether anchor marker - Making anchoring safer

Elastatether anchor marker allows others to anchor around you – not on top of you!

  • Easy for helmsman to steer towards and stop on the mark for fast anchor retrieval
  • Indispensable when setting a second anchor – don’t foul your primary!
  • Great for tight anchorages – other boats can assess swing room required

Patent pending self-adjusting design

  • Hi-performance ElastatetherTM extends from 6-32 ft with light uniform tension
  • In deeper water extend up to 64 ft with a second ElastatetherTM (sold separately)
  • Simple to use – No mechanisms to seize or jam – No batteries required
  • Retractable UV sheath to protect the ElastatetherTM core

Safe ‘always taut’ foul resistant design

  • Cost effective and replaceable – solves safety/tripping concerns
  • Sacrificial design – it cannot trip your anchor due to being run over or fouled by heaving floating debris
  • No propulsion loss risk – It will harmlessly separate if it’s fouled by a prop
Elastatether Anchor Marker

* For 32-64ft depths, an additional Elastatether attached  in series is required (sold separately).

**Coming soon – Core is serviceable with optional Elastatether Core Service Kit. Refresh the core of your Elastatether if it is showing signs of wear or replace it yourself if it breaks during use. The service kit allows you to continue using your existing anchor marker and tether.**

Note: Core is serviceable for 2017 design only (product codes 10110A or 10111A).