Elastatether (Tm) Self-Adjusting Anchor Marker


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Elastatether (Tm) Anchor Marker is designed to deter others from anchoring on top of you – Patent pending self-retracting design – quick to deploy and retrieve – Indispensable when setting a second anchor – don’t foul your primary! – Simple to use – No mechanisms to seize or jam – No batteries required – Safe “always taut” foul resistant design with sacrificial ElastatetherTM core – Lightweight hi-visibility/reflective marker buoy – All stainless hardware – Buoy Dimensions: 4″ dia. x 4.75″ – Tether: 32 feet Long (Extended)

  • Allow others to see your anchor position & estimate your swing room so they anchor at a safe distance
  • Easy for helmsman to steer towards and stop on the mark for fast anchor retrieval
  • Auto depth adjustment 6-32 feet (32-64 feet with optional spare Elastatether- Sold Separately)
  • Safe Design – Sacrificial elastic core will separate if fouled (approx. 6-8 lbs force) leaving your anchor safely set
  • IMPORTANT: Review instructions/video carefully to help prevent accidental damage – All sacrificial elastic cores are 100% load tested but aren’t covered by the warranty due to being the safety fuse

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 5 in